Thursday, August 19, 2010

Practical Video Guide on Contextual Collaboration. Part 1 Introduction

Practical Video Guide on Contextual Collaboration. This blog series covers how to use technology to leverage context to make collaboration more productive.

Part 1: Definition of contextual collaboration.

This video explains the concept of contextual collaboration: All collaboration happens in a context. Examples are
1) if you reach out to a person by phone your relationship to the person is the context
2) if you have a team meeting your team might be the context
3) If you send an email to a customer the customer relationship is the context.
Your collaboration will be more productive if you have all relevant information for that context readily available. Thats why we talk about Contextual Collaboration.

The blog series covers
1) Whats relevant in various contexts
2) Technologies which you can use to make contextual collaboration more productive
3) How to deploy it in your enterprise and private life such that true value is created.

Part 1 of the practical video guide on Contextual Collaboration: Use the context to make your collaboration more productive. from Christian von Reventlow on Vimeo.

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